Neev means ‘foundation’ – we lay a solid Information Management base for SAP® and other enterprise systems


At Neev, we are your partner in effective data and document management for SAP® and beyond. As a spin-off from the global B2B fintech leader, Serrala, we bring forward the legacy of the Dolphin and Corestone product portfolio, coupled with a fresh perspective and an innovative approach. Our name, Neev, meaning “foundation,” reflects our commitment to serving as a solid base for your business’s data and document management needs.

In this digital age, data is the new currency, driving innovation and growth across sectors. With the rapid increase in data-led advancements, there’s a growing need to efficiently manage and unlock the potential of this valuable resource.

At Neev, we specialize in aligning the cost of data with its value, unlocking access to siloed data across different storage tiers.

  • We help organizations optimize the performance and scalability of their SAP® and other core business systems by managing their business system data and documents efficiently.
  • Our solutions empower businesses to digitize document-intensive processes, enabling seamless transitions from traditional operations to digital, future-ready models.

In an ever-evolving business landscape, we understand the importance of staying ahead. Our dedicated team is consistently striving to innovate and offer solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Join us on this journey as we lay the foundation for a data-driven future.

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Our clients

Our Team

We are a team of experienced Product Managers, Engineers, Consultants, and Support personnel that build, implement and support our cloud native and SAP embedded solutions. With employees in US, Europe and India, we are well equipped to meet the needs of our customers globally.


Vishal Awasthi


Vishal leads Strategy, Product, and Engineering at Neev 

Jason Boyer


As Chief Customer Success Officer, Jason leads the implementation and support teams at Neev

Thomas Langner

Director Engineering

Thomas leads the Engineering function for SAP embedded products at Neev

Anagha Joshi

Head of India Operations

Anagha manages Neev's India SAP and SaaS Engineering, Support and Services teams

Our Office

851 Duportail Road, 2nd Floor, Chesterbrook, PA 19087